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What's the difference between T300 and T700 carbon fiber

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What's the difference between T300 and T700 carbon fiber
Latest company news about What's the difference between T300 and T700 carbon fiber

T300 was invented in the 1970s by Japan Toray company. Subsequently three series of carbon fiber were developed, high strength T series, high modulus M series, both high strength and high modulus MJ series carbon fiber. T700 replaced T300 and be called a new generation of general level of carbon fiber in recent years. Actually T800 and T1000 have put into mass production in Japan and Europe and America. Next, we Wuxi GDE Technology Company will analyse the difference between T300 and T700 carbon fiber.

From the performance, T300 and T700 has the same tensile modulus 230 GPa and diameter 7μm. But the difference is large on the tensile strength. T300 is 3.53 GPa while T700 reach 4.90 GPa. It increased by 38.8%. Comparing with T300, T700’s elongation at break and volume density raised by 40% and 2.27%.

From the element, the chemical composition of T300 and T700 are mainly carbon. Their carbon contents are 92.5% and 95.58% respectively. The second is nitrogen, 6.96% and 4.24%. T700’s carbon content is significantly exceed T300s. As the higher carbonization temperature, T700 has high carbon content and low nitrogen content.

From the surface, their surfaces present a distinct feature as the different spinning process. The surface of T300 like bark, and has obvious groove which are the characteristics of wet-spinning. However T700 present a smooth surface which is characteristic of dry-jet wet-spinning.


latest company news about What's the difference between T300 and T700 carbon fiber  0


6 micrometer diameter carbon fiber monofilament, behind is human hair.


From the cross section, T300 and T700 both show the characteristics of granular. Their fiber bundle structure is clearly visible. There are axial micropore between each other. And their fiber density are homogeneous. Through SEM image surface morphology, we can also determine the technology of T300 is wet-spinning and T700 is dry-jet wet-spinning.


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