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plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with carbon fiber board

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plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with carbon fiber board

China is the third of largest land area country, it have very wide cultivated land. Traditional way of working is not only to spend a lot of manpower, efficiency is very low, it has been gradually replaced by a high-tech, plant protection is one of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Unmanned plant protection machine, the GPS remote control, vegetation homework, in the plane on pesticides, seeds, spreading to farms.

Carbon fiber board is a carbon fiber strand woven cloth after pressing, and often use in plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).                                

plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with carbon fiber board

 Image Preview: Carbon Fiber UAV 

As early as in 1990 when Japan was invented the world's first unmanned aircraft, it is the product of high-tech. Although its small size, can carry only 8 ~ 15 kg pesticide, spraying just an acre of land within a minute of time, compared with those of human spraying efficiency by more than 30 times, can save more than 50% of the pesticides and more than 90% of the water.


Carbon fiber sheet property is light weight, high strength,.it is used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) have significant weight loss. The strength is four times the size of the steel, the weight only a quarter of the steel, the speed faster, more storage of pesticides. It has corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance to high temperature and low temperature etc, and can be used in harsh environment, not afraid of cold winter and hot summer, accidentally exposed to corrosive of pesticides also it doesn't matter, work not tired for a long time.


Welcome to GDE Carbon if you want purchase carbon fiber sheet use for plant protection drones,.My company as the material production and product processing factory thet produce processing carbon fiber uav shell, carbon fiber plate,  carbon fiber tube and other components, the price also has a certain advantage, at present several drone manufacturers such as USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom and a long-term contract to order. You can contact us if you are interesting.


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