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How to distinguish true from false carbon fiber products

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How to distinguish true from false carbon fiber products

Carbon fiber is material usually used in industrial production now. It has excellent performance, good appearance and great popularity. It is widely used in the aerospace, military security, auto machinery manufacturing, sports medical and other fields. The rise in demand let some unscrupulous manufacturers see business opportunities. They use cheap and fake materials produce carbon fiber products and cheat consumers. So how to distinguish between true and false of carbon fiber products? Let’s discuss it.

How to distinguish true from false carbon fiber products

(Image Preview: Carbon Fiber Fabric)


According to the appearance. The ordinary carbon fiber products, such as car tail, car interiors, model aircraft parts, etc. are processed by carbon fiber bidirectional cloth and resin with plain or twill weave pattern. The difference with fake product is that the weave was formed after weaving with a clear 3 d effects. However, the unidirectional carbon fiber fabric don’t have weave pattern like medical board. But it are mainly used in industrial machinery and not common. In addition, carbon fiber is black color exclusively. People often mistake glass fiber or aramid fiber as carbon fiber.


According to the performance. The remarkable characteristic of carbon fiber products is light. Its density is 1.5 g/cm ^ 3.For example, license plate frame. One is made up of 100% carbon fiber, the other one is made up of glass fiber. You can obviously feel the difference of weight. In addition, carbon fiber is X-ray high transmittance, creep resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, and high hardness.


See the above content, you must know about the distinction between true and false carbon fiber products to a certain degree. Please find legitimate manufacturer. Wuxi GDE Technology Co., LTD. is located in Yixing city, Jiangsu province. We established for many years, customize carbon fiber products according to customer’s drawing, it has the rich production experience, mass production and short lead time.


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